Robot Rakugo Comedy (Video)

robot rakugo

I mentioned Robot Rakugo in a post a few days ago. For those that are interested, I've included a brief video of a typical performance below along with my poor description of the story after the video.



Basically the story comes from the Katsura rakugo tradition and is called "Manju Kowai" which roughly translates as "Afraid of sweet buns".

A group of young people have gathered and talking about what scares them. Some say spiders, or snakes, or ants. One fellow finally admits that he is really afraid of sweet buns. After he goes to bed for the evening the others decide to play a trick on him.

They buy as many sweet buns as they can find and place them all around his bed, then wait outside for him to wake up. Later that evening they are delighted by his screams of terror through the night.

In the morning they discover that he has eaten all the sweet buns, and suspect that something is up. When they ask him if he was lying or honestly afraid of the sweet buns.

He responds, "Now I am really afraid of some hot tea…."



2 thoughts on “Robot Rakugo Comedy (Video)

  1. Super cute! I was waiting for this . . . what did you think of the performance? How big was the bot? It looks tiny.

    1. Erin: The performance was great – as you can tell from the audience reaction. The robot is a stock Kondo KHR-3HV with custom motions, so you’re right – it isn’t very tall.

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