Heather Knight and Robot Data Interviewed on CNN (Video)

robot data cnn

Heather Knight and her NAO robot Data were interviewed on CNN. Knight talks about how she creates the performances, especially incorporating real-time audience feedback and interaction, as well as the hotly discussed topic of the robot singularity.



(Via Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com.)


3 thoughts on “Heather Knight and Robot Data Interviewed on CNN (Video)

  1. Next time Heather .. a little less makeup (just a little). Less is sometimes more and you’re certainly one of those women who doesn’t need much. :)

    1. Jim – It’s CNN. I’m about 90% sure that Heather didn’t have any control over the makeup.

  2. Jim & Lem-

    I am amazed that with the wonderful and SMART work Heather Knight is doing- that her ‘makeup’ is the subject here.

    This is a super bright, very attractive, uplifting women with a keen vision and clearly a wonderful spirited personality. Did I mention that she did her masters at M.I.T. and worked at NASA?

    Great job Heather Knight!

    And no, I have never met Heather Knight. I too saw the CNN feature and was very impressed in many ways. Brilliant!

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