Telepresence Robot Sets New Ease of Use Standard (Video)

telepresence robot

I've been a very vocal critic of most of the telepresence robots already on the market, primarily because many of them look like they were cobbled together from an Erector Set, or tend to have non-intutive user interfaces.

So, which one do I favor?

At the moment, my front running selection is the Gostai Jazz robot. The styling, while not perfect, would look right at home in any office, conference room, or factory tour. More important, the Gostai Jazz user interface seems almost intuitive. Like all 'good' tools, the Gostai Jazz robot, appears to facilitate and encourage communication in contrast with competitors from other robot companies.

Here's an official video clip featuring the robot, how easy it is to manipulate,



(Via ‪Interface Presentation Gostai Jazz (ENG)‬‏ - YouTube.)


2 thoughts on “Telepresence Robot Sets New Ease of Use Standard (Video)

  1. I agree. This is an exceptionally outstanding robotic product , of it’s category. How much is the per unit cost for this product?

  2. I think something like 7000 EUR.
    Reasonable price given all the R&D (software + hardware)!

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