RT Corp Featured In Spanish Travel Magazine Top 10 Techno Store List

ten top techno shopping stores

A recent Muchoviaje Spanish language travel magazine article entitled "10 Tiendas de techno-shopping" featured the top ten must-visit technical goods stores around the globe. Here's their selection:

  1. Yodobashi Akiba - Tokyo, Japan
  2. Apple Store - New York City, USA
  3. RT Corp - Tokyo, Japan
  4. Fortress World Flagship - Hong Kong
  5. Tsann Kuen 3C Nova - Taipei, Taiwan
  6. Electronic Land - Seoul, Korea
  7. Fry's Electronics - Sunnyvale, California, USA
  8. Nokia Flagship Store - Helsinki, Finland
  9. Meister Camera - Berlin, Germany
  10. Apple Store - Regent Street, London, England

Congratulations to RT for making this distinguished list. In addition to the wide selection of humanoid and other robots, and English capable staff, the article mentioned that RT is the home of the "famous RIC Android robot". Quite a feather in their cap.


One thought on “RT Corp Featured In Spanish Travel Magazine Top 10 Techno Store List

  1. For those who have never been into a Fry’s electronics, it’s an impressive store indeed. Maybe some of you remember how long ago radio shack used to carry all kinds of electronic parts and components so you could build almost anything. Well, thankfully Fry’s carries a decent selection of parts (typically one to two approximately 30 foot long isles packed with chips, resistors, capacitors, motors, etc). Sadly though Fry’s isn’t everywhere. There were two in Phoenix that I used to frequent but now that I’m no longer there I don’t get to enjoy such fortune. I did visit one in Sacramento a while back but it’s still too far away from me to visit on any regular basis.

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