“My Robot is Better Than Your Robot” Rock and Roll Meets Science Head-on (Video)

my robot is better than your robot

People, especially kids growing up, respond emotionally to role models. They see through the rules, regulations, and official words, and respond directly to people they respect, admire, and want to be like. You can lecture them all day, and all night, and never convince them that studying science and technology is 'cool' and that they should dedicate themselves to a career in robotics.

But, what if major personalities, the most popular and well known rock stars, people like Miley Cyrus, Wi.i.am, Britney Spears, Snoop Dog, Jack Black, and even heart throb Justin Bieber, delivered the same, positive, compelling message about studying technology to make a difference?

We're about to find out...

This Sunday, August 14, 2011, all of those rock stars, and many others, will join Dean Kamen on a ABC Television special program, "i.am.FIRST:Science is Rock and Roll".


6 thoughts on ““My Robot is Better Than Your Robot” Rock and Roll Meets Science Head-on (Video)

  1. At 1:28 in the video when the guy (I don’t know who he is I must be getting old) says that those things were made by geeks and then they show zuckerburg and steve jobs, I MUST point out that Steve Jobs never built anything himself. He’s a business man, not an engineer. It really disappoints me when people think that Steve Jobs is just sooo cool because he made the iphone and mac book. These people need to realize that all Steve did was direct his department heads to hire the right engineers to build these awesome things. That’s what a CEO does. They don’t actually build the products that make them famous. Zuckerburg on the other hand did have a lot of involvement in the creation of facebook,, at least in the early days of it. After that it became much to large for one man to make it what it has become today since it has over a dozen different technologies that make the system as a whole function.

  2. Outstanding ! Many thanks to all the show biz folks for helping facilitate young folks ( especially in America), wrap their minds around science and technology. Great Job!

    1. What??? This is all fake. This only shows that in order for robotics and “geeks” to be cool they must have celebs say so. Not true. This video only featured about three actual team members. The only celebrity I don’t mind hearing from is will.I.am, the new FIRST frontman. He actually care and works hard for this (likely for free). Good for him.

      …. but I don’t care that Miley Cyrus and Snoop and Timberlake, etc. are telling ME that science is cool? Yeah right.

      1. Maybe the video isn’t aimed at you “Not Important”, I couldn’t care less who is doing the talking as long as my students are doing the listening, and the message resonates. I think its more about recruitment then affirmation.

  3. My hat goes off to wil i am for promoting FIRST. This video, along with the ABC special will be used over and over again to recruit young minded, creative students for teams across the country. It is a pleasure to see that these highly recognized celebrities share their views on science, math, engineering, and robotics as something that is cool. This promotion can only generate EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIAM that is very contagious with FIRST. Thank you, Team 3511

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