Kondo Robot Releasing New Multi-legged Robot Kits

kondo robot

Kondo Robot announced two new multi-legged robot kits expanding their already impressive line of high performance, and highly modifiable, robots. Famous for introducing the first hobby humanoid robot kit, the KHR-1, and the most popular platforms of choice for ROBO-ONE competitors, Kondo has recently branched out into multi-legged robots.

In addition to robot fans and hobbyists, Kondo kits have become extremely popular among technical high schools, colleges, other academic institutions, as well as research facilities here in Japan. Both of the two new robot kits are likely to attract a strong following, particularly since their price/performance is expected to be improved over existing products already on the market.


2nd Generation Turtle Robot

turtle robot

The Kondo Turtle Robot 2 expands on the existing Kondo animal robot line using the latest servos and deign features. The robot utilizes 9 KRS-2542HV ICS servos (2 per leg plus one for the head) and the RCB-4HV controller. Power is supplied by a 10.8V 800mAh rechargeable battery.

Quadruped Robot

kondo quad robot

The Kondo KMR-P4 quadruped robot follows the basic design as the M6 hexapod robot kit utilizing Kondo's unique spring loaded 2 servo legs.

Pricing for each of the robots hasn't been announced yet, other than saying they will be "market price". They are scheduled to go on sale here in Japan in September. Overseas availability will no doubt depend on Kondo authorized distributors.

(Via New Kondo Robot Products.)


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    1. Shaun: “Market pricing” means that the manufacturer doesn’t set the price and instead the price is determined by distributors and retailers, like Grassroad.

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