J, Robot Documentary Segment Looks Behind the ROBO-ONE Scenes (Video)

robo-one robot battle

The ROBO-ONE video footage below may seem a little dated to fans that follow the game closely, but we really like it because it provides a glimpse behind the scenes and into the personal lives of some of the top competitors. The video segments are part of an upcoming documentary, "J, Robot" by Michael Garrigues that focuses on some of the key aspects of Japanese culture that have enabled them to lead the world in robot development and deployment.

The footage in this particular segment appears to have been captured at one of the ROBO-ONE Grand Prix competitions in late 2007 and includes several of our all-time favorites like Retro, Dynamizer, Pento, and King Kizer.

Robo One Fighting Robots from Michael Garrigues on Vimeo.

The "J, Robot" documentary is currently in the rough cut stage and there is a preview scheduled for Saturday, August 6th (2011) at the Tilt Studio Indy Arcade and Family Fun Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. I wish I could be there, but unfortunately I'll have to wait until it gets more general distribution.

[Update: The footage was taken at the IREX 2007 robot exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center during a special ROBO-ONE Grand Prix match.]

(Via Robo One Fighting Robots on Vimeo.)


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