ARS Electronica Festival to Kick-off With A Bang (Video)

Tesla Orchestra

If I had no budgetary and time constraints it would be fantastic to jaunt around the world experiencing all the fantastic technology, robot and science exhibitions I could find. Number one on my personal wish list, at least at the moment, would be the Ars Electronica Festival, scheduled for August 31st through September 6th, in Linz, Austria.

The long running festival goes back to September, 1979 when it was originally staged as a "pilot project was designed to take the Digital Revolution’s emergence as an occasion to face important questions about the future and to focus these inquiries on the nexus of ART, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY."

Each year the festival has a highly relevant, and often thought provoking theme designed to provide congruence and energy to the wealth of creative talent it showcases. This years theme is "Origin - How It All Begins", delving into how innovation comes about, especially in science and art.

To get things off to a perfect start, the organizers have arranged to open the week long festival with a literally electrifying performance by the Tesla Orchestra.

"Fireballs, lightning, music and dance—the Tesla Orchestra (US) founded in 2009 by Ian Charnas (US) at Case Western Reserve University is a circus in grandiose style. The world’s two largest Tesla coils are the instruments this ensemble uses to produce dazzlingly bright, meter-high lightning bolts of up to 26 kilowatts and several million volts. But that’s not all. For the show’s big number, a Tesla performer climbs into the ring for a daring dance with the lightning."

And, that's just the beginning....

(Via ARS Electronica | Presse.)


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