Where’s My Jetpack? – NYC Exhibition

where's my jetpack?

As much as I love living in Japan, there are times when I miss the excitement, variety, and creativity of New York. Things happen there, especially when technology and art collide head-on, that are unique in the world. A great example is the KAL SPELLETICH "Where's My Jetpack?" exhibition currently underway at the Jack Hanley Gallery in Manhattan.

"Before flying was a means to an end, it was a sensation. The perennial struggle to fly aimed forthe deep-rooted joy of weightlessness, a release from our own corporeality, and the all-too-humansatisfaction of  “touching the sky”. The flying machine made the human superhuman. For KalSpelletich, flight’s future promise may be gone but not forgotten – Where are the jetpacks? Theflying cars, escape pods, gravity boots, moon colonies? This is supposed to be the future. Where’sMy Jetpack?! takes us back to a moment of invention. Or perhaps, reminds us that its time is now."

Unfortunately I'm going to miss seeing it in person, at least this time around, so I can only drool over the images on the exhibition website.

(Via Jack Hanley Gallery Exhibition - KAL SPELLETICH: Where's My Jetpack?!.)

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