The BBC Checks Out Robot Research at the ISRC University of Ulster (Video)

BBC visits the Ulster ISRC robot labs

The BBC recently visited the Cognitive Robotics lab at the University of Ulster, Intelligent Systems Research Center and broadcast a short news segment (see below) covering the advanced robotics research work underway in the lab. While it doesn't disclose anything dramatically new or exciting, the video does provide an additional views of the Willow Garage PR2 preparing coffee and solving a Rubik's cube along with a researching shaking hands with the one of the famous Shadow robotic hands.

That being said, the vintage footage that starts off the video makes it all worthwhile - classic robot camp stuff.


(Via ‪BBC coverage of the ISRC - Cognitive Robotics Group‬‏ - YouTube. and Lorenzo Riano)


One thought on “The BBC Checks Out Robot Research at the ISRC University of Ulster (Video)

  1. Thanks for covering this story! It is funny that the robot with the plastic sphere around the “face” (Foyle, a Scitos G5) is not blinking.. It has a defect on one of the eyelid controlling motor that makes it run with a crazy eye. I guess BBC folks thought it was an intentional blink to be cute in front of the camera!

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