Robotic Vending Machines Collect for the Japan Red Cross (Video)

robot vending machine

We realize that it's a stretch to call a vending machine a robot, but it isn't stretching the definition so far that it would break. Without a doubt the Japanese are leading the world in the creation and deployment of robotic vending machines. They seem to be on almost every corner, sometimes in groups of three or four, and offer every type of beverage you could imagine. Warm corn soup in the winter, cold grape juice with real grapes inside the can. You name it, and you can find a vending machine here ready to deliver.

But, after the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis, the vending machine companies came under a lot of criticism. Many thought that they wasted electricity and were way too prolific. Anxious to respond to their critics in a positive, proactive way, the companies came up with a novel approach.


They equipped the machines to collect donations for the Japan Res Cross:d

(Via YouTube - Red Cross Charity Vending Machine ‏.)


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