Robot Plays the Thermin Interactively (Video)

Robot thermin player

More years ago than we care to remember, we hand loaded an assembly language program called "Music of a Sort" written by Steve Dompier into an Intel 8080 based processor then carefully positioned a transistor radio so that it would pickup the electrical noise generated as the program executed. By changing the values to be sorted different frequencies were generated, and everyone was amazed to hear really horrible classical music issuing from the radio speakers.

Now, decades later, researchers have been able to creatively program not only computers but also humanoid robots, so that they can follow the music played by other performers and play along, matching them chord for chord and note for note.

MsPetiteGeek, a robot researcher in her own right, posted the video above showing her lab mate, Tatsuhiko Itohara performing on the acoustic guitar while the HRP-2 advanced humanoid robot watches, catches the beat, and plays the thermin in perfect sync.

(Via YouTube - HRP-2 follows the guitar ‏.)


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