Robot Film Festival Videos Available OnLine (Video)

nao robot inpersonator

Much to our regret, we weren't able to make it to the States to attend the recent Robot Film Festival in person. Thankfully, the organizers were kind enough to post all of the festival films on Vimeo, so we've been amused, entertained, surprised, and delighted by their creativity and production quality. We had expected something akin to home movies, or the typical YouTube video, but quite a few of the Robot Film Festival entries turned out to be extremely well executed and professional.

A great example is "Nao 1337 Audition" created by Carlos Asmat. The film features an out of work actor (played by Nao) auditioning for a film role. In typical 'type-casting' fashion, he shows off his acting chops with excellent renditions of the Terminator, Johnny 5, R2D2, and others. Did he impress the casting director? We're not sure. But he definitely impressed us.

Nao 1337 Audition - Robot Film Festival 2011

Nao 1337 Audition from Carlos Asmat on Vimeo.

You'll definitely want to check out other films from the Robot Film Festival 2011. We're really looking forward to the next festival.

(Via Nao 1337 Audition - Robot Film Festival on Vimeo.)


One thought on “Robot Film Festival Videos Available OnLine (Video)

  1. He should try Cybermen, Nao makes a horrible Dalek. I think Nao was modeled a bit after Cybermen.

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