Robot Attempts to Win Human Dance Contest (Video)

robot dance contest

When human athletes try to change their bodies, muscles, or in rare cases, gender, there is a huge uproar. The officials, mass media, and quite often, the public frequently call for more stringent testing, both for chemical substances, and sometimes DNA tests. But, little things like that couldn't begin to worry Dr. GIY.

Dr. GIY has taken on all comers in the ROBO-ONE ring, has won top medals at RoboGames in San Francisco, and has become a robotics legend worldwide. He never lets anything distract him from his primary purpose. So, when the Lotte Fit's organization announced a major dance competition, Dr. GIY instantly knew that one of his robots could do the job and win the top prize. So, that's exactly what he set out to do.

ROBO-ONE robot takes on the Dance Scene

Lotte is one of the major candy/gum/sweets companies in Japan, to the point that their products dominate the candy and gum shelves in stores here. Their "Lotte Fit's" gum has been a best seller, and to pump up sales, especially during the summer, the company has been running a popular dance contest, with great prizes, for the past three years. Participants video their interpretation of the theme song selected for the contest, upload it to YouTube, then try to create a groundswell of fans to view it.

The top placing entries can receive as much as a million yen (well over USD$10,000) and have the opportunity to be featured in the company's television commercials. Needless to say, the competition is pretty intense. But that hasn't troubled Dr. GIY at all. Here's his robot entry:

We're not sure what the odds are of him winning, but nevertheless he will have entertained a huge number of viewers and perhaps triggered more interest in humanoid robotics. The contest wraps up at midnight August 31st and the winners will be announced right after that. We're rooting for Dr. GIY, and we hope you are as well. :)

(Via お口の恋人 ロッテ|ガム|LOTTE Fit's|Fit's ダンスコンテスト with YouTube Season4|動画再生.)


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