ROBO-ONE Robot Champion Designer Tackles Fashion Robotics (Video)

female robot fashion model

Tomio Sugiura, creator of Dynamizer, Tiny Wave, and many other leading edge robots, has branched out into a more commercial enterprise by putting his robot design talents to work creating an animated female fashion mannequin named "Hina" that moves it's arms quite realistically.

Exhibited last week at the ROBOTECH 2011 exhibition in Tokyo, Sugiura expects the robot to be popular with department stores, fashion boutiques, TV shopping programs, science museums. He can equip the robot with a variety of sensors giving it the ability to interact with customers. It can be easily programmed and supports remote control using Bluetooth and/or smartphones. In addition to operating from standard AC power, it can also function using a high capacity lithium-polymer battery for standalone operation.

One major advantage is that the robot design utilizes the ultra-smooth servo control techniques that Sugiura pioneered with his ROBO-ONE champion Dynamizer and the more recent Tiny-Wave design.

(Via Sugiura, mechanical design firm's new apparel] [ROBOTECH2011 robot model, "Mr. Torso with arms" [Robo Times].)


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