Kondo ROBOSPOT Gets a Twitter Account

Kondo Robospot robot center

ROBOSPOT, Kondo Robot's popular company operated retail outlet in Akihabara and the location for robot competitions like KondoCup Robot Soccer and the Kondo Land multi-legged robot obstacle course event, just introduced a Twitter account to announce and promote their services and competitions.

Posts to the ROBOSPOT twitter account will be in Japanese, but that doesn't typically pose a big problem for readers since many of the Twitter apps include a translation option, typically using Google Translate as the backend. It's also possible to bring up the Twitter feed in a browser like Chrome and use a browser plug-in for the translation dog-work.

The company has recently started broadcasting most events held at ROBOSPOT via UStream so that fans all over the world that can't travel all the way to Tokyo can still see the action and add their own comments or feedback, including cheering for their favorite teams.



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