Fantastic Deal on Kondo KRS-6003HV ICS Servos for Humanoid Robot


Dennis2010, a German electrical engineering student on the RoboSavvy robot forum, has 22 brand new Kondo KHS-60033HV ICS servos that he purchased in late 2010 for a humanoid robot project. Because of his study load he's had to give up on the project without having actually used the servos.

The specs are quite impressive:

Maximum motion angle: 270 degrees

Torque: 67

Speed: 0.22 sec/60 degrees

List price is typically around USD$390. Dennis is willing to let them go for USD$150 each, and has very attractive pricing if you prefer buying a set of 6 or 18. If you have any plans to build a hefty, muscular humanoid robot, this might be your chance. Check it out!

(Via RoboSavvy Forum :: View topic - Very cheap and strong Kondo KRS-6003HV ICS Servos.)

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