Excellent Compact PC Robot Controller Teardown

RoboSavvy posted a very detailed and well documented teardown of the eBox3350 compact PC.

The teardown includes the step-by-step process, hidden product features, close-up photos, and observations about how to put the PC to good use in a robot controller application. They even put together a short video of the teardown.

As usual with a popular forum like RoboSavvy, the subsequent discussions among the forum members, with proactive support from PedroR - the resident RoboSavvy expert - yielded a wealth of additional specifications, block diagrams, and knowledgeable input.


2 thoughts on “Excellent Compact PC Robot Controller Teardown

  1. The apparent link in the article, “teardown of the eBox3350 compact PC.” does not actually have a link. An internet search found this forum page at RobotSavvy;
    link to

    1. Joe: Thank you very much for catching the error. I just migrated the website to WordPress and there have been a few hiccups. Hopefully it’s all sorted out now.

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