DARwin-OP Robot Is Open Source and Open Can (video)

darwin-op robot drinking problem

I've asked robot builders from all over the world about their ultimate purpose in building a robot. German builders often respond saying they want to improve performance, to design a robot that is better, faster, more reliable, or more precise than others. Japanese builders, especially those involved with humanoids, typically say "I want to build a real Gundam." And, Americans jokingly say they want to design a robot that will "Bring me a beer."

As Andrew Alter at Trossen Robotics found out, there's a problem with that. What if your robot has a serious drinking problem? You better make sure that he can't figure out how to open the can...


(Via Darwin-OP Humanoid Research Robot - Deluxe Edition.)

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One comment

  1. I’m assuming here that Darwin has been programmed to track red objects with a certain size and/or color intensity and is why it completely fails to rack the blue can. I would then guess that the objects can be replaced by anything else that has the same color/size and Darwin would still track the red object.

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