Augmented Reality Using Kinect and 3D Video on the iPad (Video)

ipad kinect 3D reality

The guys at Laan Labs came up with a novel way to record 3d data from the Kinect then play it back as a 3D augmented reality video on the iPad using the String SDK. It plays on the strength of both devices. The ability of the Kinect to cheaply, easily, and accurately generate 3D data, and the iPad form factor that makes it easy to move around in space to view the 3D image from different angles.

Here's their demonstration of the system:

In addition to the possible applications for the technology mentioned in the video clip, we think that there are also a number of robotic applications that can be developed. It will be interesting to see how this is put to use.

(Via Augmented Reality 3d Video on iPad with Kinect ‏ - YouTube.)


3 thoughts on “Augmented Reality Using Kinect and 3D Video on the iPad (Video)

  1. Very cool application indeed. I have seen some people doing it with a simple camera though, so the idea of augmented reality could be realized without a kinect. The iPad is enough.

    I love your new layout, by the way.

    1. Sebastien: Yes, you can certainly do augmented reality with just a simple camera and some software. The Kinect adds the 3D functionality so that you can move the camera viewpoint.

      Thanks for the positive feedback on the new layout. :)

  2. The 3d image being viewed is a 3d video recorded from a Kinect. So the Kinect was needed for this to work.Very cool 3d video that can be viewed from different angles.

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