Robot Soccer Competition hits Major Milestone (Video)

robospot robot soccerIt's really hard to believe that time has zipped by so fast, but never the less, the 25th KondoCup Robot Soccer competition is coming up in just under two weeks. It seems like just yesterday when we were thrilled to cover the first KondoCup Robot Soccer competition featuring our favorite humanoid robots playing a credible, and often hilarious, mini version of soccer.

The teams will be practicing at the Kondo RoboSpot facility in Akihabara this coming Sunday afternoon in preparation for the official matches scheduled for Saturday, June 18th (KHR-class) and Sunday, June 19th (Open class).

Robots playing in the KHR-class are limited to those based on Kondo KHR series humanoid robot kits like the KHR-1, KHR-2HV, KHR-3HV, etc. There are some modifications allowed, but the robots' basic geometry, servos, controller, and other essential features should be standard.

In contrast, the following day, the Open-class robot players are typically full custom designs, often from the ground up. The robot builders are free to implement a lot of creativity and often deviate wildly from the off-the-shelf kits. The only restrictions are that the robots must use Kondo components, like servos and controllers. That's totally understandable given all the time, effort, funding, and heart that the company has devoted to the sport.

(Via ROBOSPOT News Blog.)


One thought on “Robot Soccer Competition hits Major Milestone (Video)

  1. Hello

    I am on Tokyo and would love to know more about the schedule. When does it start and finish each day?
    If it’s in the calendar, I have never managed to get it to work. It always says I already have a calendar… I would love to know how it works too.

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