Makerbot Drops the Price for the Original CupCake 3D Printer

makerbot 3d printerWe have no idea how long the supplies will last - they may have already run out - but Makerbot Industries has dropped the price of their original CupCake CNC 3D printer kit to an amazingly low USD$455.


The CupCake 3D printer is the one that started it all - the original catalyst for creators, hackers, and crafters all over the world to jump into additive printing in a huge way. The first kit was priced at around $1,000 about a year ago, so this is a major sticker drop, driven primarily by their need to clear out inventory. It's a real sweet deal if you want to get into the game without stressing your wallet too badly.

You should keep in mind that the CupCake extruder can only handle 3mm filament which limits the effective resolution of the parts it can produce.

(Via CupCake CNC Ultimate Kit - MakerBot Industries.)


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