How to Build a Humanoid Robot (Video)

Kondo humanoid robot khr-3hv
Ever wonder what it takes to build one of the advanced humanoid robot kits like a Kondo KHR-3HV? It turns out to be not all that hard, though the process does require considerable concentration, persistence, and patience.

Total assembly time is typically around 8-10 hours, though you will want to split it up into a few separate work sessions, unless you're really turned on by the thrill of searching for tiny, tiny screws that fell off the table and into the carpet pile.

Thanks to the dedication, and thoughtfulness, of Daniel Stephens, you can peek over his shoulder while he goes through the entire KHR-3HV robot construction and testing process from start to successful finish. Don't worry, Daniel has been thoughtful enough to compress the 10 hour robot build into a much more manageable 6 minute video clip below.


Daniel told us that the entire video was shot, edited, and uploaded using only his iPhone.

(Via YouTube - KHR 3HV Robot Kit - Time lapse Assembly.)


6 thoughts on “How to Build a Humanoid Robot (Video)

  1. “This video contains content from SME”
    Sony Music Entertainment ?
    is there music in the background licensed by Sony Music ?

  2. Fewww that looked like a lot of work! Nothing like snapping together a small plastic model! :)

  3. ummmmm… yahh couldn’t do that even with instructions!

  4. Woah!!!! Great job! I’m a 14 year old robotic programmer. I’d love to see your code!

  5. This was my first code, btw:
    void main(void) {
    SetMotor(1, 255);

    SetMotor(2, 0);


    SetMotor(1, 127);

    SetMotor(2, 127);


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