Fanastic Robot Coverage in the July ROBOCON Magazine Issue

ROBOCON robot magazine

The July issue of ROBOCON Magazine hit the news stands yesterday and we were very pleased to see that it featured several articles near and dear to our hearts.

In addition to all the great, and always detailed, technical and event content that ROBOCON is known for, this issue included major articles covering RoboGames 2011, the Robot Japan First event, and Taylor Veltrop's master/slave robot control implementation using the Microsoft Kinect device.

Japan Robots Rock at RoboGames

The RoboGames report, written by Yoshihiro Shibata extends over six full pages and provides excellent coverage of the event including all the participants from Japan, the competitions including the humanoid, micromouse, Mech Warfare, along with others, and faithfully conveys all the energy and excitement.

Shibata included reference to many of the RoboGames competitors including Chris and Rob Farrell, Andrew Alter, Michael Overstreet, and Luis Rodriguez, among others. It's obvious that the Japan contingent had a wonderful time, made lots of new friends, and is committed to participating in strength next Spring at RoboGames 2012.

How to get ROBOCON Magazine issues

The ROBOCON Magazine website includes a PDF download of the first page of the article, written in Japanese. If you want to read the whole thing, you'll probably have to wait until this issue shows up on Amazon Japan and order it. That's actually easier than it seems because Amazon Japan includes an English translation of the ordering essentials, accepts credit cards, and will ship overseas. The only drawback is that it usually takes several weeks before new issues appear on the site.

Robot Japan First event report

Kudos to the Robot Japan First organizers for the multi-page report highlighting the event. We're confident that their focus on robot entertainment and inspiration will play a major role in attracting new participants and fans to our favorite sport.

US robot builder published in ROBOCON Magazine

Taylor Veltrop kinect robot system

The longest, and most detailed, article in this issue is Taylor Veltrop's tour de force eight page explanation of how the Microsoft Kinect sensor, Willow Garage ROS (Robot Operating System), Nintendo Wiimotes, and humanoid robots were integrated into an advanced master/slave control system. Taylor includes detailed descriptions, custom graphics and block diagrams that make this complex system easy to understand, and to implement or hack, if that is what turns you on.

(Via ROBOCON Magazine 2011年7月号 - --Online ROBOCON Magazine--.)


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