Bre Pettis – Makerbot Guru – Immortalized in ABS Plastic (Video)

Bre Pettis Makerbot robot creatorThe Makerbot has created a huge revolution in creativity by making it possible for makers everywhere to cheaply and easily print 3D objects of their own design.

The person (or personality) most commonly associated with the Makerbot and the whole 3D printing groundswell, is Bre Pettis, well known for his quirky mannerisms, glasses, hair, and random-access lightening bolts of creativity. He often leaves you a bit breathless with unexpected comments that seem to come totally out of the blue,

So, it wasn't surprising that Michael Curry, a leading 3D printing evangelist with tons of creative talent, saw fit to immortalize Bre in ABS plastic. And, like the Reanimator, Curry gave the Pettis clone the ability to speak.


Michael Curry's animated 3D Bre Pettis clone:

And, an April 2010 video we took at Makerbot Headquarters in Brooklyn. Towards the end of the clip, Bre mentions someone putting his head on a 3D print of a transforming Makerbot.

(Via Michael Overstreet)


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