The Ultimate "Service" Robot

Service robot from Japan
Everyone agrees that the most promising future for robotics is in the service sector. So far, practical applications have been limited primarily to fairly mundane domestic tasks like robot vacuum cleaners.

What will turn out to be the "killer application" for household robotics? How about a humanoid robot toilet like the Toto GG1-800?

Of course, the image is just a marketing ad designed to promote the 'green' features incorporated into one of Toto's state of the art toilets. The actual toilet doesn't actually have arms and legs to follow you around and be at your beck and call. It does, however, only use 4.8 liters of water to flush, is self cleaning, sprays deodorant after use, has a heated seat, a 'occupied' seat sensor, power saving timer, and even a wireless remote control.

It is interesting, however, to toy with the idea of an ultimate 'service' robot toilet that would be instantly available. The only obvious feature they seem to have overlooked is an automatic privacy curtain.


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