RoboGames 2011: More Mech Warfare Hardcore Action (Video)

Here are a couple of other videos showing the Mech Warfare Hardcore robot action at RoboGames 2011:

By the way, Hikari - the robot on the left wearing the skirt was created by Che Edoga, an avid robot fan and educator who has been competing at RoboGames for the past couple years with humanoids and artbots. This was his first attempt at full-on Mech Warfare. We're sure he'll be back next year with a new, improve version of Hikari.


One thought on “RoboGames 2011: More Mech Warfare Hardcore Action (Video)

  1. While Hikari is his first bipedal entry to Mech Warfare, Che has actually been a competitor since the beginning — the previous 2 years with his quadrupeds Squidword and Charlie.

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