RoboGames 2011: Hard Core Robot Combat (Video)


Most of the humanoid robot competitions like ROBO-ONE and RoboGames don't allow the robots to try and destroy each other with rockets or other weapons of major destruction.

Mech Warfare, like ComBots, is an exception. In the "hard core" Mech Warfare classification almost anything goes. Most humanoid builders are very cautious about joining the battle since their robots cost more than the typical personal computer.

But this year at least two of the competitors gave it a try.


2 thoughts on “RoboGames 2011: Hard Core Robot Combat (Video)

  1. Do these robots fight with real pellet guns?

  2. @Michael: Yes, they do. In the regular Mech Warfare classification they fight using Airsoft pellets. In the Hardcore classification almost anything is allowed as long as you don’t destroy the building and/or maim anyone.

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