One Good Robot Idea Leads To Another (Video)

Now we're on a roll...

The chopstick spider robot got us thinking about simple (and very low cost) ways to prototype robots and other stuff. That brought polymorph (the low heat moldable plastic) back into our consciousness. Then, while researching polymorph, we discovered that it can be used to create screws!

Why was this so intriguing? The immediate reason is that using polymorph we should be able to create some custom camera mounts. Camera gear is always pricy, if not down right expensive, and it never quite matches your particular application. This technique might be a good alternative since we should be able to quickly experiment with several designs and tweak them as necessary without having to run back and forth to the local camera shop, leaking money along the way.

As it turns out, we picked up a GoPro Hero point of view camera during our US trip and have some ideas about using it to capture robot events from some unique perspectives. Mounting the camera is going to be critical. Of course, GoPro sells a lot of mounting accessories but some of them have a few known limitations and short comings. Besides, wouldn't it be more fun to hack something together ourselves rather than making them rich?

In case you're wondering how the fellow working with the polymorph in the video above managed to get different color plastic, the answer is simple - he made it. Here's his technique:

It turns out that polymorph is sold under several different brand names. You can even order it direct from Amazon.


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