More Than Just Robots

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I have what some people might call an 'Obsession' with robots, but they aren't the only theme in my life. I've been making do with the largest bicycle frame that Trek makes for several years. The bike is great, and I've put uncounted miles (km actually, since I live in Japan). But after a long ride I always feel some pain in my shoulders, neck, and back. And, I know there is too much weight on my wrists.

So, last week while I was in New York on business I took the time to stop by Bicycle Habitat in lower Manhattan. The service and know-how was excellent. They immediately knew what I was talking about and took the time to explain everything to me in great detail. It didn't matter to them that my bicycle hadn't been purchased from their store, or that I lived overseas and wasn't likely to ever bring my bicycle into them for service.

They went over the options and we settled on a handlebar stem extender along with several spacers. They even showed me how to install the extender using a bike in their shop for demonstration purposes. After I arrived back home, and had a day or so to adjust to the jet lag, I tackled the installation with zero problems.

My bicycle feels like it fits me and is a pleasure to ride now. I'm looking forward to a long and active summer filled with lots of adventures exploring this part of the country.

Now, i just need to find the Robot Habitat store... 😀



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