Makerbot Industries Evolution – Matt Mets (Video)

We had the pleasure of meeting Matt Mets about a year ago when we visited Hack Pittsburgh, a burgeoning, exciting hackerspace. Matt impressed us with his knowledge, energy, and seemly endless enthusiasm. Luckily we were able to keep in touch, and became dedicated fans of his work, including his projects and Make articles. Later last year, Matt visited Tokyo as a member of the Hackers On A Plane group, and we had the chance to spend more time with him both at Tokyo Hackerspace and the Make Tokyo 06 event.

So, it was natural for us to visit Matt at the Makerbot Industries BotCave Headquarters during our Spring trip to New York this year. He generously showed us around the facility and consented to several video interviews. Here is the first session where we asked him about the company's evolution over the past year and how it's developing so rapidly based on the dynamically creative nature of Makerbot users:

During this interview, Matt mentioned Michael Felix's design and creation of a large geodesic dome with the connectors and key parts printed out using the Makerbot 3D printer. This was quite surprising since we had been conditioned to think of the Makerbot as only being able to print relatively small parts. Needless to say, we had to track down a video documenting the dome design and deployment:

Pretty amazing stuff. Definitely inspiration to make sure that we try to think outside the box - or outside the dome - as much as possible going forward.


One thought on “Makerbot Industries Evolution – Matt Mets (Video)

  1. The sound of the first video is awful, barely audible !!!
    Give this man a mic ;o

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