Connecting the Google Android Cloud to Real-World Robotics Using Open Accessory (Video)

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RT Corporation Announces Android Accessory Demo Kit/Accessory Demo Shield
- New board set enables Android developers to create reliable real world solutions incorporating sensors, displays, motors, and robot technologies using Google Android Open Accessory -

San Francisco, CA May 10, 2011:

RT Corporation, a well known Japanese developer of robotic technologies and solutions, today announced its new RT Accessory Demo Kit (RT-ADK)/Accessory Demo Shield (RT-ADS) board set. The RT-ADK/RT-ADS configuration makes it possible for Android and Arduino application developers to add real-world interaction and functionality to their creations, reliably extending the reach of the “cloud” to include sensing and physical action.



The new board set, based on the Google Android Open Accessory reference design, includes the ability to interface with a wide range of sensors and control output devices like LEDs and motors.

Previous Android designs focused on physical world interaction depended primarily on Bluetooth interface technology. That approach was often limited by wireless connectivity issues and inherent latency concerns. This caused problems in applications where real-time sensing and control are critical factors.

To address those limitations, the RT-ADK/RT-ADS design features on-board USB and computer interfaces allowing direct and reliable connection with smart phones and other Android (release 2.3.4 or later) based devices, as well as compatibility with the Arduino world.

Officially announced at the Google I/O Developers Conference (May 10, 2011) at Moscone Center in San Francisco, the board set is available for immediate sale.

The company will be demonstrating the board set’s capability and functionality during the Google conference using RIC Android, the world’s first life-sized (1.3 meters tall) humanoid robot completely controlled using the Android operating system. The new board set and robot will also be exhibited in the Google booth at the Maker Faire scheduled for May 21st/22nd in San Mateo, California.

For more information, contact:

RT Corporation
3-2-13 Soto Kanda, Yamaguchi Bldg. 3F
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo
Japan 101-0021
Tel: 81-3-6666-2566 Fax: 81-3-5809-5738


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