AutoDesk Gets on the 3D Maker Bandwagon

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 10 51 33 PM

You can tell when a grassroots movement has really caught on when big companies start to roll out their own initiatives and products following the lead of pioneers that have already broken trails into the new frontier.

That definitely seems to be the case with AutoDesk's new 123D software platform. The free Windows based software product is specifically targeted at "makers". According to the AutoDesk 123D news weblog:

"With Autodesk 123D, anyone can explore, learn and create highly precise 3D models. Makers can bring ideas to reality by combining powerful digital design with services for creating physical objects. From both within the application and through the 123D website, individuals can discover and download content to start, complete or visualize a project, and then access for-purchase personal fabrication services through Autodesk 123D partners. Makers can also purchase pre-fabricated products to explore 3D printing or assemble models from 2D laser cut materials like cardboard—the first of a variety of custom fabrication options coming soon to Autodesk123D."


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