Robot Japan Set To Invade The US

Robot Japan

In less that two weeks a major contingent from Robot Japan will land at San Francisco airport, rapidly cover the distance to San Mateo, unpack, deploy their robots, and prepare to amaze, delight, and entertain the crowds at RoboGames 2011.

They will be staging regular demonstrations several times a day at their booth in the main hall at RoboGames as well as competing in a host of events including Kung Fu, Freestyle, Robot Soccer, Mech Warfare, and many others. And, they fully expect to return home with their luggage stuffed with RoboGames metals.

You've seen many of their champion level robots on Robots Dreams and on television. Now you can see them in person and meet the builders that created them.

Here are just a few of the robots from Japan that will be at RoboGames from April 15th-17th:



100711 Wonderful Robot Carnival-132

Robot Japan

Robot Pro Wrestling




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