Living Color Robot Art (Video)


Looking at all the creativity on display at RoboGames 2011, we were reminded once again of the intersection between art and technology, and what beauty can be created by fusing both in new and exciting ways.

One of our favorite "art bot" creations that doesn't happen to be on display at the event is Matthew Ricard's "Estrella Intersects the Plane". We met Matthew at the ITP Spring Show in New York last year.

His creation uses 40 servos, 80 RGB LEDs, hundreds of wires, plus considerable control electronics. Yet most of the "techie-stuff" is behind the scenes where it produces but doesn't interfere with the beauty of the experience.


One thought on “Living Color Robot Art (Video)

  1. I don’t understand the point of the moving parts, they look quite lame especially when they move so unsynchronized and you can even see the vibrations caused by the servos what’s disturbing. 40 servos, he could make a better effect by using much less servos by connecting more rods together.

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