Aerial Drone Takes Detailed Photos of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Site

aerial drone robot fukushima daiichi photos

Images captured by an aerial drone flying over the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility on March 24th give a real feel for how extensive the damage is, and why it was so difficult to get under control. It's hard to imagine the massive destructive force it took to turn the site into a jumbled, chaotic, mass of rubble.


4 thoughts on “Aerial Drone Takes Detailed Photos of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Site

  1. Your post makes it sound like they have it under control?!?!

    -> 7.5 million times the allowed radiation level in sea water near the plant TODAY 05/04/2011. ie. it’s getting worse.

    PS. I like robots

  2. Where did you think all that water they were pouring on would run off too? That IS under control, the legal limits are set with constant exposure in mind not a one off release, and are extremely conservative. The radioactive elements are a type that will rapidly decay and be hugely diluted by the sea. Levels of radiation found in food so far are completely safe and we have no reason to expect them to become dangerous whatsoever.

    Stop being paranoid about what might happen because you don’t understand nuclear technology and how safe it is, and worry about those people who have lost everything including friends and relatives in the tsunami.

  3. “you don’t understand nuclear technology and how safe it is”

  4. The fact that you are loling at that demonstrates my point. Even including chernobyl, deaths and injuries from nuclear power are miniscule compared to those from coal and gas and even lower than those from solar and wind.

    These reactors have survived an earthquake and tsunami 7 times larger than they were designed to withstand and still only caused a major problem for a relatively local area. And these are the older style from the 70s that are coming to the end of their lifetimes. The newer ones are designed in such a way that a lot of the problems that have occured are not physically possible.

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