The Birth of a NAO – First Encounter (Video)

Not all of us can be lucky enough to adopt a new NAO humanoid robot into the family, but thanks to MsPetiteGeek we can vicariously share in the experience. Watch the surprise, excitement, and wonder as she opens the box from Aldebaran Robotics for the first time:

What she didn't mention in the video is that NAO was hung up in shipping/customs for a few days. Thanks to the wonders of modern internet technology she was able to track the robots location all the way from Aldebaran in France, across the world, and into the customs holding area at the airport waiting for the authorities to stamp his passport and let him into the country. So close, yet so far away, and complaining to the customs officials would have only slowed thing down further.

To make matters even more stressful, she was scheduled to get on the bullet train for Tokyo within hours. Would NAO make it in time, or would he arrive after her train left? If she wasn't on hand to sign for the robot would the shipping company send it back to France?

Then, almost at the last minute, fate shined, NAO cleared customs and was delivered direct to her doorstep. Right now, as we write this post, MsPetiteGeek and NAO are riding the bullet train towards Tokyo where we hope to catch up with them later in the week. All's well that ends well. :)



One thought on “The Birth of a NAO – First Encounter (Video)

  1. It’s funny how NAO seem so foreign all the way in Japan. Here in the UK I would say seeing a Kondo humanoid if much more rare 😀

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