Robot Rumble Japan Style (Video)


At a lot of competitions only the top scoring entries get to advance to the finals while the other players end up moping around while someone else gets all the fun. But at the Wonderful Robot Carnival 2011 the typical scenario was turned completely on its head. The top players had to sit on their hands and wait their turn while everyone else piled into the ring for a massive game of Robot Rumble.


The Rumble was played on a 3 X 3 grid. If your robot was pushed out of the grid it had to immediately retire from play. Beyond that, there are very few other rules to restrict the players.Later, after the field was narrowed considerably, the organizers suddenly decided to shrink the playing field down to a total of 3 squares arranged in an "L" pattern.

To put it as simply as possible, there are two rules for successful Robot Rumble players:

1) Do whatever you need to survive until the end.

2) Make sure that your opponent doesn't.

The competitors skill level and experience was all over the map. There were almost complete novices up to and including some of the top ROBO-ONE robot builders joining in the fray. The main objective, without exception, was to have fun - as much fun as is humanly possible.


One thought on “Robot Rumble Japan Style (Video)

  1. Looks like the beautiful girl’s robot won.
    It was a fun match, and looks like everyone there had a great time.

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