Robot Marathon Lets Autonomous Operation Shine (Video)

We reported on the start of the first robot marathon competition staged by VStone in Osaka last week. The event came down to quite an exciting finish. It wasn't surprising that the fastest robot with the most endurance was designed, built, and coached by VStone. But what was impressive was the fact that it ran the entire marathon course in just a fraction under 55 hours by navigating autonomously following a line taped on the track.

Unlike ROBO-ONE style battles or highly dynamic robot soccer competitions, the marathon is one type of robot event where autonomous operation can really shine.

And, onsite commentary on the exciting finish by MsPetiteGeek:


One thought on “Robot Marathon Lets Autonomous Operation Shine (Video)

  1. well yes if he was autonomous and used line tracking what wasn’t so difficult here (it was just color tracking) then he could run more efficient than the RC bots

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