Boy Meets Robot – Delight, Excitement, and Learning Ensue (Video)

Participants in the NAO Robot Developer Program have started exploring some really interesting and sometimes surprising applications for NAO's technology. For example, in the UK, Carl Clement used the robots ability to visually recognize faces, shapes, and drawings, along with its voice/speech generation, to create a game for his two and a half year old nephew.

The game premise is quite simple. The robot tells the child that it is thinking of a particular animal - like a cow. The child then has to find the cow drawing from a set of animal drawings and show it to NAO. And there is a time limit. If he picks the right animal there's applause and positive feedback.  Here's a short video clip demonstrating Carl's game concept:


How did it work out with Carl's young nephew?


Turns out that it worked quite well:

Carl has only been working with NAO for about 3 weeks. Yet in that short space of time he's already been able to develop advanced applications including this game and voice shaping techniques that allow NAO to replicate other voices like HAL from the 2001 Space Odyssey epic.

We were able to chat with Carl for close to an hour online the other night to find out more about his work with NAO. Watch our robot discussion video, and check out Carl's blog for more in-depth background on his adventures with NAO.




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