Aldebaran Robotics Develops Innovative Charger for NAO Robot (Video)

It's been a great and very informative day at the first NAO Developer Program meeting here in Tokyo, with lots of surprises and new things to learn. The first delightful surprise was a new charging station developed for the NAO robot that incorporates some neat features.

The robot uses the special marks on the charging station mat and post to align itself, then backs up, wiggles a bit to match up the connector on its back with the plug, then connects it self. It then takes a few steps forward and sits down while recharging. This makes it completely available for its own to continue interacting with it.

Once the charging cycle finishes, NAO stands up and with a very human like back swipe of its hand it disconnects the plug and is ready to trot off to work.

Stay tuned for more news from the NAO Developer Program meeting. There's a lot to share. :)

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