Wonderful Robot Carnival Photo Gallery

Originally uploaded by Robots-Dreams.

The Wonderful Robot Carnival Photo Gallery is online.

The Carnival, typically staged once or twice every year, has to be one of the most fun and exciting robot competitions in the world. Over the course of 4-5 hours entrants are challenged with sprints, pushing a basket full of drink bottles, kicking dies across the field while keeping their opponent from scoring, and other fun events.

Everyone plays in every challenge. Points are awarded based on performance, then the top four scoring robots get to battle it out in the ring ROBO-ONE style for the championship title and pre-qualification for the upcoming ROBO-ONE competition.

It's an absolute blast. The best feature is that everyone wins in one respect or another. Your robot might not finish well in the sprint, but it might excel in one of the other challenges.

More important, all the participants are open, friendly, and always willing to help. If your robot experiences some hardware or software problem, they instantly pitch in to help you get back into the action. It is a 'competition', and there are 'winners', but the overwhelming focus is on camaraderie and having fun.


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