Robot Launches Missles Around Blind Corners (Video)

Isobot missile

Although in his YouTube upload he refers to it as a "guided missile" we're pretty sure that Paxshikai's latest i-SOBOT hack doesn't actually have any electronics onboard - but who knows? He's managed to coax his robot into doing some pretty amazing things over the past few years. Anything is possible.


He also has a lot of style and imagination. It takes a healthy dose of creativity to stage a video like this using Four Roses bottles instead of a few cardboard boxes or other less impressive stuff at hand.

We suspect that Paxshikai may actually be one of the Takara Tomy toy developers posting on YouTube anonymously to cloak his real identity, though it would be great to meet him (or her) in person one of these days.



5 thoughts on “Robot Launches Missles Around Blind Corners (Video)

  1. Sorry, but i think it isn´t a boomerang.
    He or she use a trick with rope and springs ( one especific spring that I can´t remember the name), you can see that the bottle of the midlle move when the robot fire the gun at all times that shoot.

  2. Yes you are right, the middle bottle moves even though the missile isn’t touching it. So there’s a string that goes through the bottles around the plushie back to the missile. Maybe when the missile is shot it draws itself back through the spring
    – that’s a bit lame.
    And the movement of the missile shows it too , it flies straight but at one point it changes completely the direction.
    It would be much better if it would be a boomerang.

  3. You can actually see the string if you fullscreen it! That’s why it returns to the bottle after hitting the target too. Still, guided by string is a type of guided missile right? :)

  4. At first it looked like he was banking the shot off of a piece of glass, but after Raul pointed out the bottle moving, I’m pretty sure it’s a string.

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