RIC Android Makes the Cover of RoboCon Magazine

110217 RIC Android  1

You know that a robot is really "hot" when it attracts enough interest among the robotics guru's at ROBOCON magazine to be featured on the cover. To say that they were impressed by RIC Android, the Google Android powered humanoid robot created by RT Corp would be an understatement.


Of course, purely as a bipedal robot, RIC Android can't compete head to head with ASIMO running, the sexy HRP-4C singing and dancing, or the kung-fu fighting ROBO-ONE champions. But what really caught the attention of the editors was the potential for robotics and cloud computing. So much so that they commissioned a two page feature article covering the robots design, participation in Google Developer Day events in Japan and Europe, and the vision/dream that drove Nakagawa and her team to create the leading edge robot.

110217 RIC Android  2

The article author byline is "San Gatsu Usagi" (March Hare from Alice in Wonderland), the publisher of the popular Robot-Fan.NET website here. She's been active in the hobby robot scene for years, going back to the early Kondo KHR-1 days when she used to build, costume, and compete at events herself. Now days she has become a well respected free lance writer in demand for her hands-on knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with readers while giving them a strong sense of the excitement and energy generated by robotics today.


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