Rear Projection isn't a Robot nor a Hologram (Video)

Manchester Airport has installed virtual assistants that some passengers, and the public, are mistaking for holograms or even actual human staff. The technology is readily available rear projection images on a substrate in the shape of the actor, and has been actively promoted by companies like 3M.

While the virtual assistants are positioned as facilitating and informative, they also help companies eliminate the need for actual employees and decrease costs. From the company, and investors/shareholders perspective that's a very positive strategy, though I doubt that employees share the same feelings.

It won't belong before we see virtual assistants replacing the friendly smiling Walmart greeters...


One thought on “Rear Projection isn't a Robot nor a Hologram (Video)

  1. feels a bit creepy for me
    and lol when you compare how thin the “hologram” is and the huge box where the projector is
    they could just use a LCD TV/monitor, would be less creepy, cheaper and needs much less space

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