"Local" Robot Boy Makes Good (Video)

ROBOCON Magazine isn't the Wall Street Journal or Scientific American, but among robot builders and researchers here in Japan it has become the go-to resource for the latest in robot news, behind the scenes event reports, interviews with robotics leaders, and great how-to articles. If you want to know anything about robotics, even how to reverse engineer a complex product, you have to read ROBOCON.

Taylor Veltrop Robot Japan

So, it was great, totally unexpected, honor when Taylor Veltrop. a talented American robot application developer and consultant living in Tokyo, found himself being interviewed as a part of the ROBOCON article on the recent ROBOT JAPAN event.



Taylor told us "It's a dream come true to make it into ROBOCON! When I first saw it on the stand five years ago I was so impressed with the contents. I'm still amazed I made it in!"

We have a sneaking suspicion that this won't be the only time that Taylor shows up in the magazine. :)

Although the magazine is only published in the Japanese language, there is a lot of value non-Japanese speaking readers can get from it. The magazine is full of detailed diagrams, program source code, and lots of color photos. If there is some interest, I will post instructions showing how to easily order ROBOCON magazine issues from overseas.


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