HEXBUG Robot Habitat Bags Toy of the Year Award

In principle we like the cute little HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures and can understand how they might be fun to watch and play with, even though we're not sure that they trigger any real long term interest in robotics or technology.

Hexbug robot toty

At the same time, the toy community really appreciates the robot bugs enough to honor the HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set as the Specialty Toy of the Year 2010 at the American International Toy Fair held earlier this month in New York City. The organization's annual TOTY awards recognize ",,, the best in toys and children's entertainment and the outstanding achievements made by individuals and companies."

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One comment

  1. HEXBUG toys are like a gateway drug to robotics. Not everyone gets hooked, but I know a few who have.

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