Engadget 2010 Awards – Robot of the Year

Engadget robot

It's that time of year again, time for the annual Engadet award voting. This time around the robot selection might be a bit questionable, at least for some dedicated robot fans. They might argue about a couple of the robots that were included, and quite a few that were left out. Never the less, the voting is limted to one of the selections offered on the Engadget ballot, so click on over to the 2010 Engadget Awards page and make your vote count!


4 thoughts on “Engadget 2010 Awards – Robot of the Year

  1. voted for Robonaut -the only useful robot among them
    AR Drone wtf, that’s just a toy helicopter

  2. Alex, the AR Drone may be, “just a toy helicopter”, but it represents an amazing technological achievement – 10 years ago, no one could imagine that we’d have a cheap quadracopter with streaming video to a light-weight handheld tablet computer. We’ll, may be *some* folks imagined it, but it’s still pretty amazing.

  3. You can’t compare it that it wasn’t possible 10 years ago, those guys who build the heli have no merit in developing the technology, they just put together existing technology that was developed by other people. They didn’t develop anything special or new. A hobbyist can built such heli at home. If they can put AR Drone there then they can put any hobby R/C plane or heli with a cam there too.

  4. The parrot is the only robot on the list that I can afford, hack and write code for.
    I think you can through money at a device and get something cool, but to get something cool for $300 usd, is much better.

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