Robot Japan 2011 – Dance Contest (Video)

One of the most surprising and delightful aspects of hobby level robotics in Japan is the wealth of different competitions and styles. On any given weekend you can find humanoid robots battling it out in the ring, micromouse robots solving and racing through mazes, line followers blazing around the track, underwater robots plunging to new depths, and flying robots soaring skyward autonomously.

Last weekend was no exception. We spend a delightful afternoon with the gang at Robot Japan enjoying humanoid robot fights, including some that were orchestrated as well as professional wrestling matches, and a robot dance contest:

Oddly enough, the competition was held in an auditorium that is a part of the Tsukiji Hongan-ji Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The temple traces its history back to 1657 and is a major pilgrimage destination. After last Sunday's competition, it may become a favorite pilgrimage destination for the robot faithful as well.


3 thoughts on “Robot Japan 2011 – Dance Contest (Video)

  1. The improvements and advancements in the dancing robots within such a short period of time is incredible!

  2. Cat robot at 3:31 and pop idol cat girl bot at 1:24 were amazing. Stupid question: Why don’t bot makers put grippy surfaces on the bottom of the feet for more traction on the laminate that these bots perform on?

  3. when will they learn, when ? to make a Miku dancing robot

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