Kinect Controlled Humanoids Start to Swarm (Video)

Looks like everyone is getting into the Kinect controlled humanoid robot adventure now that the ground was broken.

It's really amazing how quickly the Kinect has captured people's imagination, and how hackable it is. Makes you wonder what's next...? What will hackers and robot geeks be able to do with Kinect that was never contemplated or even dreamed of by it's inventors?

Along those lines, can the Kinect detect and be controlled by other, non-human shapes? Could my dog control a canine robot, or could one of my humanoid robots control one of its siblings via the Kinect?



One thought on “Kinect Controlled Humanoids Start to Swarm (Video)

  1. I was just thinking it must have a balance. Very well done. It must be fun to watch two of these robots and players going at each other at the same time.

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